Cobalt Headsets & Radio Cords

Blue Muff Headsets

Our Cobalt AV signature blue muff headsets are a popular choice with many customers. They offer premium quality features to rate them world class. We offer a wide variety of models to suit your communication needs.

Features (common to all Blue Muff Headsets):

  • Full flex boom microphone
  • PTT (or mic mute) switch
  • Volume control button
  • High efficiency speakers
  • Comfort-fit foam ear seals
  • Washable cloth ear covers
  • Microphone wind screen
  • Built from rugged quality materials
  • Reliable technology for clear communication
  • Optional microphones available, including theCobra noise-canceling mic

Our blue muff headsets feature a unique weather-resistant cobalt blue “ecto-skin” rubber-like coating. This no-glare finish rejects scratches and scuffs while providing acoustic baffling. The UV protected highly visible bright blue color is an added safety factor in the workplace.

Blue muff headsets come standard with non-amplified electret microphones for use with portable radios, wireless intercoms, or telephony devices. We specify electret microphones for use with mobile radios and vehicle intercoms.

Use Cobalt AV headset cords with most two-way portable and mobile radios, intercoms (wired and wireless), as well as cell phones and other mobile devices. Check our connector selector for radio model availability. All headset cords for portable radios or COBALT AV fire truck intercoms detach at the ear cups for easy change out.

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Cobra Microphones

Add a Cobra cartridge to any Cobalt blue muff headset and enhance voice clarity with one of the highest rated noise cancelling microphones. For the “ultimate headset experience”, add Cobra to our ANR active noise cancellation headsets.

Cobra microphones use patented noise cancellation technology to reject background noise and enhance speech. Special acoustic design concentrates the voice at the front port of the 2-port microphone and deflects background noise from the rear port.

Cobra offers a 10 dB average improvement over standard headset microphones, with a maximum of 30 dB improvement in average speech bandwidth.

Ideal for high noise environments, Cobra allows crystal clear speech in 100+ dB noise. It improves intelligibility scores up to 82% in noise levels of 105 dB compared to 72% intelligibility rating for standard microphones.

Cobra uses passive noise cancelling technology, which requires no processor or battery to operate.

What is Passive Noise Cancelling Technology?

Most microphones use active noise cancelling technology, creating an anti-noise signal to cancel out noise in a signal. Since frequencies organically overlap between speech and noise, speech signals often wrongly identify as noise. Noise can also identify as speech. The result is distorted speech and unsatisfactory noise cancellation. Active noise cancelation also requires an additional power supply like a battery.

Some electronic noise-canceling methods use algorithms to identify a noise from a digital signal, then filter out noise with digital signals. These methods are dependent on frequency and show similar overlap distortion problems.

Cobra microphones use passive noise canceling technology which does not require the use of an additional power source (battery) to operate. Passive noise canceling works through the unique physical design of the microphone which filters out unwanted ambient noises.

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Bluetooth Muff Headsets

Cobalt AV rugged bluetooth wireless dual muff headsets are available in 3 versions. Improve communication with advanced features and value pricing.

Our BT muff headsets have a distance range of 30 feet (10 meters), a talk time of 12 hours, and standby time of 30 hours. Built-in technology allows dual pairing to cell phones and two-way radios at the same time, using Cobalt BLUE radio adapters.

The headsets are durable, made with quality components. Easy to use large waterproof buttons on ear cups control your cell phone, radio PTT, volume, and power functions. Provides 24dB of noise reduction. Comfortable enough to wear all day!

Features (common to all models):

  • Fully integrated bluetooth. No wires!
  • Dual operation for radio/cell phone
  • Rubber membrane switches: Power ON/OFF, Volume UP/DOWN, PTT, Phone control
  • Sealed 2-color LED indicate power status, link status, PTT status, low battery indicator and charging
  • BT headsets use same hygienic accessories as Cobalt AV blue muff headsets

Specifications (common to all models):

220 mm x 130 mm x 90 mm (BT-11, BT-13)
240 mm x 230 mm x 160 mm (BT-21)

350 grams (BT-11, BT-13)
410 grams (BT-21)

Bluetooth Version: 3.0

Bluetooth Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP

Bluetooth Power Class: Class 2

Sensitivity: -90dB

Range (typical): 10 meters (30 feet)

Built-in Battery: 3.7 V, 330mAH Lithium Ion

Standby Current Draw: 6 mA

Standby Time: 30 hours (maximum)

Operating Time: 10 hours (maximum)

Operating Temp Range: -15˚ C (5˚ F) to +50˚ C (122˚ F)

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Headset Radio Cords

Use our radio connector cords with portable radios and Cobalt AV muff headsets. Coiled cords have a polyurethane outer jacket with 100% foil shield for optimal RFI. Check our Connector Selector to specify the correct connector for your radio.

Headset Accessories

We carry a full range of hygienic and replacement accessories for our Cobalt AV blue muff and BT series headsets. If you need an accessory that you don’t see here, call us.