Bluetooth headset kit with lightweight boom microphone

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Now you can turn your boom headset into a Bluetooth headset! The BLUE-BT-TOP2 –MIC has a 4-contact 3.5 mm audio jack (same as Apple iPhone) for compatible wired audio accessories such as Cobalt’s signature DLSM-SH D-ring ear shell.

Other Cobalt headsets with compatible connector cords are available, or any iPhone, as well as other wired smart phone headsets.


10+ hours of battery life

Built-in wireless PTT

Built-in microphone (for ear phone-only applications) with auto-switch technology

Covert LED hidden so it does not attract attention

Adjustable volume controls that remember settings even when unit is turned off

Micro USB charging jack compatible with 1000’s of after market battery chargers

360˚ swivel metal clothing clip allows user to wear comfortably

Compatible with Cobalt BLUE-BT radio adapters and most cell phones (supports dual-pairing operations)