Bluetooth adapter kit with wireless BLUE-PTT for Vertex mobile radios


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Cobalt BLUE-MOBILE BT newly upgraded kits allow you to use a compatible wireless Bluetooth headset or other audio accessory with a MOBILE two-way radio.

These new kits eliminate the cigarette plug adapter and now provide Receive and Transmit audio.  As before, all adapters feature an integrated PTT on the adapter, but are also available with optional wired foot switch or BLUE-PTT wireless switch.


Bluetooth Adapter Kit for Vertex Mobile radios. 

Plugs into Rear Accessory connector (DB15). Compatible with EVX-5300/5400, VX2100/2200/4100/4200/4500/4600.

Kit 1 consists of base model BLUE-MOB-V1 plus wireless BLUE-PTT.