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The Cobalt BLUE-PTT allows for wireless activation of a 2-way radio’s push-to-talk function. BLUE-PTT can be held in hand, worn on a lanyard, or velcro’d just about anywhere! For instance, it can be attached to your duty gear or vehicle’s steering wheel.

Compatible with all Cobalt BLUE adapters (mobile and portable) as well as Cobalt BT headsets, and many other brands and models.


Compatible with a wide variety of mobile radio models

LED indicator

Push-to-Talk function

USB-type charging connector

Allows you to activate 2-way radio’s Push-to-Talk function wirelessly.

Pairs quickly and easily with any BLUE adapter.

Remembers paired connection even if PTT, wireless headset, or two-way radio is powered off.

Automatically re-stores wireless connection next time PTT and BLUE Adapter are turned on.

Multi-function LED keeps user updated on BLUE-PTT’s status.

Internal Li-Ion battery pack powers  up to 12 hours per charge (charger included).