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Clear-Com 4-Up DX100 System with Headsets. Includes MB100 (CZ11400)single channel, license-free base station. Includes: 2 antennas, 115/230 VAC power supply and cord, AA battery sled for base, 4 BP200(CZ11360) belt packs with 8 BAT41 batteries, 4 belt pack pouches, AC40A battery charger, 4 CC-15-MD4 single ear noise cancelling headsets, and instruction manual. List price: $6,275.00

The DX100 is a simple, cost-effective and reliable wireless intercom system operating in the 2.4GHz band. It allows you to seamlessly communicate in hands-free mode or have a private conversation on a secured channel on either a beltpack or all-in-one wireless headset.