EverydayValue-icon-smHSI6000 Headset Adapter (2.5 mm) for BP200 & BP300 Beltpacs



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HSI6000 Headset Adapter: 2.5mm headset adapter for BP200 & BP300 Beltpacs.

The HSI6000 adds value by allowing a wider variety of headset and user options without sacrificing clear, digital communication.

Now you can immediately add value to any of the HME DX Series Systems by simply adding the HSI6000 Headset Interface adapter. With the HSI6000, any user can connect a standard 2.5mm cordless or cell phone headset to an HME BP200 Beltpac.You’ll still get the amazing crystal-clear sound quality of the DX series – plus the option to use your personal headsets if desired.