EverydayValue-icon-smBS210 Base Station for DX210 system



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BS210 Base Station for DX210 system

  • Expandable system enables up to 4 synchronized co-located base stations to be used together for a total of 44 headset/belt pack users with up to 16 in hands-free full duplex mode.
  • wired Intercom Input/Output interfaces make a DX210 system compatible with existing 2-wire party line or 4-wire matrix systems provided by Clear-Com or RTS.
  • Wireless ISO Talk-around allows all wireless users on the same base station to talk with each other, isolated from either 2- or 4- wire intercom channels. ISO function can be restricted to specific users.
  • Digital Auto “Nulling” (Front Panel Access) provides the deepest hybrid balancing  in the industry and is flat across the entire speech bandwidth.  The DX210 is equipped with an auto “nulling circuit” to easily null 2-wire connections and eliminate echo automatically.
  • 2 separate 2-wire/4-wire channels, assignable AUX IN for program input plus AUX OUT that can be used to direct wireless ISO to Stage Announce (SA).
  • Digital 64 bits of encryption for secure communications and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology prevents unauthorized personnel from hearing or interrupting your communication.