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The DX410 system is a two-channel digital wireless solution operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency band with 7 KHz wide band audio delivering an overall better experience in performance, range and sound. 


The BS410 is the base station for the DX410 wireless system.  A single DX410 base station supports up to 15 registered BP410 belt packs and/or WH410 all-in-one wireless headsets. Two-wire auto-nulling enables fast and accurate integration with Clear-Com and RTS wired party line systems.


The BS410 is a 1RU 2-channel base station with local headset, 2- and 4-wire audio connections, auxiliary in out, and assignable relays. 2-wire connections can be set to RTS or Clear-Com and have auto-nulling. The built in 2.4GHz transceiver transmits RF via two dipole antennas with reverse TNC connectors.


The BS410 allows the option for combining 2-wire and 4-wire audio together on A or B channels. When daisy-chaining multiple bases together, users are able to bridge a 4-wire, allowing the use of 4-wire out to send the audio to a mixer, matrix or other audio source.


The DX410 system features 7KHz wide band audio. The high quality audio expands audio range and increases intelligibility in high RF environments so even soft whispers can be heard clearly.


Auto-nulling provides echo cancellation on unbalanced 2-wire intercom systems for fast and accurate integration with RTS and Clear-Com wired party line systems.


• Two-Channels

• 2.4 GHz frequency range

• 7KHz wide band audio

• 2-wire and 4-wire bridging on the same system

• 2-wire auto-nulling

• Lost packet concealment

• Supports up to 15 belt packs and/or wireless headsets