WH301 All-in-One single ear wireless headset


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CZWH301 All-In-One wireless single ear headset with 2 BAT50 batteries. For use with MB300 and MB300ES base stations only. Uses AC50 battery charger. Instruction manual included. This model headset replaces the former WH300.


• Two Channels

• 2.4 GHz frequency range

• 7KHz wide band audio

• 2-wire and 4-wire bridging on the same system

• 2-wire auto-nulling

• Lost packet concealment

• Supports up to 15 belt packs and/or wireless headsets

• Single or dual channel operation

• Up to 12 hours battery life


Single-channel operation allows any 4 belt pack and/or all-in-one headset users to engage in hot mic, full-duplex communication. In dual-channel operation, three users may be in duplex hands free talk mode with up to 12 additional users in listen-only mode.


The new “All-in-one” headset has a rugged, reinforced casing and long-lasting keypad with no mechanical switch. The “All-in-one” headset model has lightweight, balanced design and wire-free steel headband for all-day comfort.


Using the new smaller BAT50 Li-Ion battery, this new headset has up to 12 hours of battery life. The AC-50 charges up to 4 BAT50 batteries at a time and includes storage slots for 4 additional batteries. Charging time is 2.5 hours.