Bluetooth version of our popular SPML speaker mic


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Based on our popular SPML model, the SPML-BLUE is a small compact remote speaker mic, ideal for retail, hospitality, schools, and gaming. Even with its lighter price tag, no shortcuts are taken in sound or construction quality.


 Great-sounding transmit and receive audio

 Powerful speaker despite small size

 Measures only 3″H x 2″W x .6″D (excluding clip)

 Lightweight, weighs less than 2.5 oz.

 Simple controls with integrated large side PTT button

 Remote 3.5 mm audio jack

 Extended battery life: up to 11 hrs. active under typical operating conditions. USB wall charger included.

 Spring loaded metal reinforced 360˚rotating clothing clip

 Durable polycarbonate housing for long product lifespan

 Flexible polyurethane jacketed microphone cable with ample strain relief

 Built-in earphone jack for additional privacy and security, compatible with remote 3.5 mm earphone plug

 Receive audio volume is controlled using radio’s volume control

 HD 1 year warranty, IP 55 water rated.